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Luster Wine Anti-Ageing Facial Kit Salon Eco Pack - 2600ml

Luster Wine Anti-Ageing Facial Kit Salon Eco Pack - 2600ml

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Expel your flaws and pigmentation with Luster wine facial kit. This facial kit consists of all the fixings that make your skin look revived and radiant. The facial kit fixes the skin, diminishes the wrinkles, and prevents age spots. It also aids in improving the appearance of the skin making it free of all the imperfections. The facial kit washes away the dead and dull skin cells to give you sparkling skin.
Wine Facial Kit helps in retaining moisture in the skin as well as increasing skin's elasticity and smoothness.  Wine Facial Kit for instant glow made with carefully selected ingredients which are rich sources of linoleic acid. The antioxidant properties of wine help in getting the toxins out of the skin. Wine facials are also great for skin tightening.

Luster Wine (Anti-ageing) Facial Kit Salon Eco Pack (2600 ml) 

• Helps fight skin ageing
• Enhances complexion
• Fights acne
• Reduces wrinkles
• Fight age spots
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