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Luster Papaya Exfoliating Gel Scrub (Paraben & Sulfate Free)-500ml

Luster Papaya Exfoliating Gel Scrub (Paraben & Sulfate Free)-500ml

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  • Luster Papaya Gel Scrub is Made with the Pure Papaya Extracts that helps lighten skin tone, reduce pigmentation and remove Blemish to give you Clear & Glows skin.
  • Papaya Gel Scrub for Glowing Skin and It also balances the Extra oil  with Pure Natural Extracts, leaves skin soft smooth and visibly lightened.
  • Papaya Gel Scrub helps to Deep Cleansing and also detoxify the skin. It makes the skin look visibly Brighter, Fresher. Papaya Gel Scrub for women & Men For Glowing & Smooth Skin.
  • All the Natural ingredients used in this Gel Scrub helps to making skin smooth & Soft and Blemishes clear skin. It also Gives You Natural Fairy skin  .
  • Papaya Gel Scrub is specially formulated with all kinds of skin damage, blemishes & Pigmentation . Best Gel Scrub For Oily Skin & Restores Skin Vitality.

Discription :-

Luster Papaya Gel Scrub | Restores Glowing Skin | Papaya Gel Scrub for Clears Blemishes | Scrub for Women & Men | Face & Body Gel Scrub | Paraben & Sulfate Free - 500 ml . Luster Cosmetics Papaya Gel Scrub Specially Formulated to lock your Pores with Intense Cleansing and Nourishment. It helps in Purifying Pores and Diffuse the Mulish Impurities, Leaves your Skin Clean/Clear and Radiant with Every Clean. Exfoliate your skin with the most skin-benefiting way possible with Good Vibes papaya nourishing face scrub. The skin brightening papaya in the formula gives your skin a radiant glow by fading away dark spots and dissolving dead skin cells. The nourishing properties of papaya give you a cleansed and glowing skin with every use. Banish dryness out of your skincare routine by using the Good Vibes range of gel scrubs. These scrubs formulated with hydrating properties help you remove impurities from the skin. The consistency makes sure your dry skin gets the extra moisture and pores of your oily skin stay unclogged. With each use, it helps unclog pores and give your skin a cleansed feeling. The granules are strong enough to polish your skin but gentle enough not to damage your skin. Lift dead skin away with every use for a clear and a cleansed looking skin. Infused with the goodness of natural ingredients, It makes sure to give you additional benefits. Enrich your exfoliating experience as these gel scrubs give your skin a soothing effect.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Devesh Jaysavar

    Very nice product 👌👌👌 .

    Saddam Kazi

    This scrub gel is just way to nice for me,

    Adwani Rinki adwan

    it's mind blowing product

    Pretty Arora

    The scrub is good especially the fragrance. . and yes it's worth it ..

    Shikha Sharma

    results is good of this product ,scrub use for cleanup

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