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Luster Papaya Anti Blemish & Pigmentation Face Pack - 500 g

Luster Papaya Anti Blemish & Pigmentation Face Pack - 500 g

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  • Luster Papaya Face Pack is Made with the Pure Papaya Extracts that helps lighten skin tone, reduce pigmentation and remove Blemish to give you Clear & Glows skin.
  • Papaya Face Pack for Glowing Skin and It also balances the Extra oil  with Pure Natural Extracts, leaves skin soft smooth and visibly lightened.
  • Papaya Face pack helps to Clear Blemish & Pigmentation and also detoxify the skin. It makes the skin look visibly Brighter, Fresher. Papaya Face Pack for women & Men For Glowing & Smooth Skin.
  • All the Natural ingredients used in this Face pack helps to making skin smooth & Soft and Blemishes clear skin. It also Gives You Natural Fairy skin .Using it will Give you Fresh Skin in Daily Routine.
  • Papaya Face mask is specially formulated with all kinds of skin damage, blemishes & Pigmentation . Best Face Pack For Oily Skin & Restores Skin Vitality.
  • It Makes Dull Skin Bright and Clear.Gives a Radiant Glow to your Face. Protects Skin’s Natural Moisture Balance. Provides Deeply Cleaned, Tingly-Smooth Skin.

Discription :-

Luster Papaya Face Pack | Anti - Blemish & Pigmentation | Face Pack for Glowing Skin | For Tan Removal | Brighten Facial Complexion | Paraben & Sulfate Free - 500g .Luster Papaya face pack enriched with the goodness of Pure Papaya Extracts That helps reduce the secretion of excess oil, clean clog pores and prevent pigmentation. Papaya is an excellent skin care ingredient, it helps the skin from not drying out, prevent itchiness and redness, Papaya face Pack has properties which soothe the skin gently. Removes dirt, pollution and excess oiliness from the skin dries off quickly and washes out easily cleanses out the skin very effectively made with natural ingredients.

Papaya face pack helps even out one’s skin tone as the antioxidants. It helps to reduce dark spots, pigmentation and other blemishes. Luster Papaya face pack helps to remove Blemishes due to its antibacterial properties. The best part is Papaya performs all these functions without drying your skin! By applying Papaya face pack , one can prevent skin infections. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Papaya protect face skin. One more magical property of the Papaya face pack is that it helps lighten blemishes or scars.

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Customer Reviews

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Smart King

Very nice product🥰❤️

Noor Aalam

Nice a freshening look and nice glow to your skin..

Peter Ashok

It's very nice product please buy this product it's very awesome product

Ravindar Pratap Singh

Good product with good quality. It is good for all types of skin. We can use it , in our face, neck and body. Which gives us a brightness skin.

Sk Altap

This product is amazing and I loved it.🙂🙂

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