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Luster Lacto Dark Spot Remover Cream – 60ml

Luster Lacto Dark Spot Remover Cream – 60ml

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Helps Reduce Pigmentation, Blemishes, Dark Spots, Acne Spots

The natural ingredients used in Lacto Dark Spot Remover product are completely organic.

Luster Lacto Dark Spot Remover Cream is an Super Amazing product that helps in treating the dark spots as well as other skin damage like acne scars, pigmentation, age spots and blemishes. The organic ingredients are carefully picked up so that it targets the damage and repair it . Aloe vera and Licorice prevents ageing while boosting the collagen. Olive oil kills the bacteria that causes skin damage.

 Some of the amazing benefits of using Luster Lacto Dark Spot Remover cream   are:
  • Provides Deeply Cleaned, Tingly-Smooth Skin.
  • Lacto Dark Spot Remover acts on the areas of importance.
  • Make sure you apply it daily after washing your skin thoroughly.
  • Luster Lacto Dark Spot Remover is to be used liberally, twice a day for effective results.
  • It is more effective during the night. So, apply it before you sign off for the night


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Customer Reviews

Based on 163 reviews
Rajni Gill

Awesome product you can go for it everything is really nice it's packaging , it's texture and it's quality is also good

Nilesh Pawar

It’s actually a good product very useful and which helps to keep your skin glowing.

Priya Solomon

Very good product, i can see change within two weeks and dark spots also got reduced😍 and I'm loving this product ❤️

Saleha Khan

this is one of the best cream for dark spots. Must buy this product very nice

shashi chande

Very very affective dark spot remover cream I love it...❤️

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