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Luster Cosmetics Whitening Underarm Roll On Deodorant - 50ml

Luster Cosmetics Whitening Underarm Roll On Deodorant - 50ml

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  • PROMOTES SKIN REGENERATION - It offers three benefits: underarms darkness removal cream, intimate area whitening cream, and neck whitening cream for women and men. First, it fights dullness and then repairs and nourishes your skin with a complete protective barrier.
  • INITIATES COLLAGEN FORMATION FOR NATURALLY GLOWING SKIN - Infused with nature's most effective nutrients to promote collagen production our skin lightening cream is infused with silica, lightening darkened areas on the skin These major ingredients provide nourishment and promote the overall health of your skin.
  • NO ADDED CHEMICALS - Our skin whitening cream is entirely natural and doesn't contain sulfates, parabens, or artificial fragrances. It is safe to use on the neck, underarms, and private parts.Vitamin-B3, niacinamide present in its formulation repairs damaged skin actively giving you an even, naturally radiant skincare.
  • IDEAL FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN - Muggu whitening cream is a unisex body cream that evens out patchy underarms, removes darkness around private areas, and whitens the neck and other body parts.
  • ENCOURAGES EVEN COMPLEXION - The body whitening roll on for women and men promotes armpit darkness removal suppresses discoloration around the neck, elbow, knee, hands, feet, and intimate areas. Our product is entirely natural with no added sulfates or paraben. Just natural actives for brightening your private area.

Luster Cosmetics Whitening Underarm Roll On Deodorant helps brighten armpit skin and reduce dark spots. This is easy to apply and helps brighten and lighten armpits. One of the reasons why your underarm area might be dark is because you shave the area. Shaving removes the top protective layer of the skin exposing it to chemicals, sweat and friction leading to dark underarms. Get your hands on the safe and alcohol-free Luster Cosmetics Whitening Underarm Roll On Deodorant that helps whiten the underarms too. Luster Cosmetics Whitening Underarm roll on deo for men works best in eliminating body odor and sweat, it also effectively brightens and lightens dark sports on underarm. With 0% alcohol, it is safe on the skin and is dermatologist tested. Roll-ons can fit a lot of product in a very small package. They’re the ideal deodorant for adventurers, athletes, business travelers, and other people who always live life on the go. You can toss your favorite roll-on in your gym bag, slide it into your purse or pack it in your luggage easily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Abhishek Rana

Very good under arms roll on and Best result

Akshay Singathi

It's extremely light weight, has an amazing scent and really had a whitening effect on the underarms! Totally value for money!

Akash Akash

Very helpfull for those who have dark underarms it’s very helpfull and I liked it very much and it’s very effective

Deny Limbasiya

results are fast and effective , gives glowing and smooth finishing on the skin

Prince Jibran

Very good cream for dark underarms it removes blackness completely liked it very much its a awesome product

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