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Luster Charcoal Facial Kit | Massage Cream & Massage Gel & Facial Scrub & Face Pack – 4x500ml

Luster Charcoal Facial Kit | Massage Cream & Massage Gel & Facial Scrub & Face Pack – 4x500ml

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Luster Charcoal Facial Kit | Helps Purifies, Detoxifies & Boost Oxygen | Charcoal Facial Scrub | Charcoal Massage Cream | Charcoal Massage Gel | Charcoal Face Pack | Charcoal Facial Kit for Women & Men | No Paraben & Sulfate- 500 ml (Pack of 4). Luster Charcoal has Anti-bacterial properties that helps in Removing Blackheads, Dirt and Excess Oil from Pores and Reduction of Dark Spots and Marks. Charcoal facial kit contains Charcoal facial scrub, Charcoal massage cream, Charcoal massage gel and a Charcoal face pack. 1.) Luster Charcoal Facial Scrub with Natural Extracts Helps Remove Dead Skin, Epidermal sun tan, Restoring Natural Fairness of Skin. It Also Helps in Restoring Natural Skin Glow. Facial Scrub for Women & Men and It Suits all types of Face Skin. 2.) Luster Charcoal Massage Cream is an Excellent Massage Cream for deeply Nourishes & Clean your Tan skin. Our Luster Charcoal Massage Cream Contains skin lightening Properties with an improved complexion. Massage Cream for Facial Glow that Helps In Restoring Natural Skin Glow. 3.) Luster Charcoal Massage Gel Contains Skin lightening Properties with an improved complexion. This Specially Formulated Massage Gel With the Goodness of Natural Charcoal Extracts Along With other Multi Benefit Herbs Helps To Remove Dry Skin Layer, Hydrates Skin Cells & Provides Nourishment. 4.) Luster Charcoal Face Pack is a specialist when it comes to Moisturize, cleanse, tone and rejuvenate your skin. Face Pack for Women & Men and It suits all types of Face skin. It overcomes dryness and cleans the skin thoroughly. It Gives You Best Result. 100% safe for skin use.

How to Use:-

Step-1: Charcoal Facial Scrub - Moisten Face & Apply with wet Fingertips & massage gently for 5-10 Minutes (Carefully avoiding eyes). Rinse well and Pat Dry, Also it Must Be applied on Neck regions, Elbows, Rough Feet, Knee etc.

Step-2: Charcoal Massage Cream - Apply the Massage Cream All Over the Skin. Gently Massage It Evenly For 8-10 Minutes till it is absorbed by the Skin. Cleanse it thoroughly with Wet Facial Towel.

Step-3: Charcoal Massage Gel - Apply Massage Gel Over the skin Patch & Massage Gently For 5-10 Minutes (Carefully Avoiding Eyes). Let it Absorb by the skin, Also It must be applied on Neck Region, Elbow and Rough Feet & Knee etc.

Step-4: Charcoal Face Pack - Take a Little Quantity of this Special Face Pack and Apply all over the Face and Neck Region. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash with Luke warm water or with a towel dipped in warm water. Use a Refreshing Skin Toner For a Soothing Effect.

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Janhavi Birwadkar

Good product and i give 5 star rating

Shippi Sharma

Very good product 👍👍

Muneeb Wani

Very good product and result is owsome

Manpreet Singh

I am so happy.

Kalpana Biswas

Awsm product very effective

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