The skincare trends come and go but the significance of Vitamin C never fades away. Vitamin C is considered as one of the most researched skincare ingredients. 

Vitamin C is known for possessing a range of benefits that starts from giving an even tone to the overall skin appearance to rejuvenating the look of collagen-depleted skin. 

Functions and Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin 

Vitamin C is a molecule that helps in keeping your skin healthy and vibrant because of its anti-oxidant properties and role that it plays in stimulating collagen synthesis. 

The nutrient is naturally found in the uppermost layer of the skin known as epidermis and the middle layers of the skin known as dermis. Just like other substances like collagen and hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C tends to decline with age. Its quantity can also be reduced by pollution, sun exposure and bad lifestyle habits like cigarette smoking. 

  • Helps in Boosting Anti-oxidant Properties

Vitamin C is photo protective. It means it helps in reducing the signs of environmental damage. Through its potent anti-oxidant properties, it works primarily towards neutralizing free radical damages.  

  • Helps in Boosting Collagen

Vitamin C face wash is known for stabilizing collagen that further helps in increasing synthesis of the protein. This help in promoting youthful skin, slowing down telltale signs of extrinsic aging like fine lines, sagging and deep wrinkles. 

  • Helps in Brightening up the Complexion

Vitamin C possess the capability to even out and brighten the appearance of the overall skin tone. It works by depleting the amount of melanin and melanin oxidation in the skin.  


Luster Vitamin C Face Wash for your Skincare 

At Luster Skincare, we harness the importance of Vitamin C in order to give you the look of vibrant, glowing, and even toned skin. 

Our Vitamin C Face Wash works to hydrate and soften the skin with a potent burst of anti-oxidants that helps in fighting the effects of environmental damage. 

Our Vitamin C face wash helps in reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation while softening the skin and making it feel firmer.


Incorporating Vitamin C in your Skincare Regime 

Making a decision about adding a new product in your skincare regimen can be daunting. You should possess proper understanding of how to layer products. This way you can quickly develop a skincare regimen as per your requirements and needs that gives you the results that you desire.



Start with Luster Vitamin C face wash as it is the best Vitamin C face wash in India that helps to remove excess dirt, makeup and other surface pollutants from your skin. 


Add this step twice a week in order to remove dead skin cells that may be clogging up your pores and dulling the appearance of your skin. Remember, not to scrub too hard as it can create microabrasions on the skin and result in acne breakouts. 


Toners are designed to remove any residue that is left by the cleanser in addition to wiping off the salts, chlorine's, and chemicals that can be found in tap water that may be dehydrating your skin. 


Vitamin C serums should be added in your skin are routine that can help in offering concentrated doses of active ingredients to your skin and hence increasing the overall performance of the product. 


Finish your skin care routine with an evenly applied moisturizer in order to keep the skin supple and smooth. 

If you are looking for high-quality and natural dose of Vitamin C to get you started, Buy Vitamin C face wash online from Luster’s website. The face wash can help in boosting brightness, smoothening uneven skin tone and improving the firmness of the skin. Adding Vitamin C is a simple way to improve and enhance the overall condition and appearance of your skin. At Luster Cosmetics, we offer a huge range of products with natural and organic ingredients to everyone to possess beautiful and glowing skin no matter your age or skin type. 

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